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Veteran Poet - 1,400 Points (March 10,1967 / Chicago, IL. USA)

Lore Me34 Poems

241. How Do I Sleep 7/11/2014
242. The Past 7/19/2014
243. Hope You Won'T Forget 7/23/2014
244. What's Wrong 8/10/2014
245. Sun Sets 9/30/2014
246. Still And Silent 1/5/2015
247. This Nation 2/3/2015
248. Strange Fruit Still Grow 3/21/2015
249. Beautiful Nubian Goddess 8/1/2014
250. Brother Man 8/2/2014
251. I'M Her Son 5/30/2014
252. Never Forget 9/11/2013
253. Two Days Past Spring 3/22/2014
254. Confused 7/10/2008
255. It's Hard Being Disabled Period 1/22/2006
256. Too Long 5/24/2006
257. Not Ready To Say Goodbye 3/5/2008
258. Family Of War 4/10/2006
259. Label Me Not 1/30/2006
260. The Nectar Of Eve 1/21/2006
261. I Had A Nightmare 2/6/2006
262. I Forgot 2/8/2006
263. White America-Me... 1/27/2006
264. Never Found The Words 1/21/2006
265. Someone Else's Shoes 1/31/2006
266. In The Middle Of A Crowd 3/12/2008
267. From The Heart Of A Child 1/25/2006
268. Not Wheelchair Accessible 5/23/2006
269. Adventure Called Life 8/10/2013
270. A Poem Does Not Have To Rhyme 4/5/2007
271. Am I Alone 7/27/2014
272. One Cool Cat 9/4/2009
273. Louder Than Words 5/13/2007
274. Color Me Beautiful 1/28/2015
275. Old Brown Shoes 2/6/2006
276. Capture A Moment 1/25/2006
277. A Kiss Is Not Just A Kiss 1/29/2013
278. Beautiful Me 1/21/2006
279. All Over Your Face 3/2/2006

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    I like this....you introduced the serious theme nicely...

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Best Poem of Lore Me34

All Over Your Face

When I see you, you smile as if everything is alright,
but I know your smile is just a mask for your hurt and sadness,
for the truth is written all over your face.

Behind your dark brown gleaming eyes I can see the tears you have cried.
It’s written all over your face.

I can even see behind your blush the anger wrinkles in your cheeks from you clinching your teeth. It’s written all over your face.

I can even see the hurt and disappointment you now carry in your soul.
It’s written all over your face.

I just want you to know my friend I’m there for ...

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Art Of Abuse

As she dries herself off from the shower she took to wash the blood away.
Now she stands there nude she gazes upon her body that has been battered and bruised.
He told her when he met her that she was one of God's works of art.
He promised that he would love her with all his heart.
Well love her he did.
But his love came with a secret that he hid.
The secret was he loved her so much that he had to punch her in the face.
He told her it was her fault for not staying in her place.
Sadly she

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