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Hello my name is Loren A Simpson, also known as (Dr. poet) . A nickname that was given to me, from friends and family cause of my poetry work. I'm a nineteen year old male with a gift for writing poetry. I was born in Rochester NY but moved way to San Diego, when I was young. By the time I was threeteen my family and I moved to Maryland, and now I find myself back where I started in Rochester NY. Being as young as I am I've been through a lot in my nineteen years of liven, a divorce between my parents, which drove me to the early use of drugs and selling drugs, which mixed me into the wrong group of people. Witnessing friend's deaths over gang violence. Being wrongly accused of armed rubbery, which placed me in jail for a few months. After they realized they had the wrong person they set me free, but the school boards wouldn’t let me return to any schools in the state of MD. Their decision left me with know option but to go for my GED. Through all my struggles God and my poetry has kept me strong and help keep me sane. As a young poet know one takes me seriously until they see my work. I believe I've earned the name Dr.Poet, because I think I can revive poetry back to life.

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Loren Simpson's Works:

Manuscript of my book “Soul Expressions” completed. Now searching for a good agency or publisher

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My Dream World

A simple rose that grows upwards towards the sun light
A pound that’s so calm that reflects so bright
Full trees that stand tall
With strong limbs an leaves that never fall
A quick breeze of wind
That sends pollen in thee clean air
With the smell of honey
The clouds in the sky is as fluffy as a big white bunny
The fair grass that’s always seen green