Lorena Lalen Cruz

Lorena Lalen Cruz Poems

1. ..The Sound Of Friendship.. 8/29/2009
2. Love's Reality 8/27/2009
3. ..Uncontrolled Revelation.. 9/12/2009
4. A None Melodic Piece 10/1/2009
5. The Future's Request 8/29/2009
6. Just A Little Space 6/28/2009
7. Sightful Arm 7/3/2009
8. Mask Of Strength 8/4/2009
9. A Drop Of Pleasure 8/6/2009
10. My Angel Star 7/31/2009
11. A Girl Along The Road 8/3/2009
12. Don'T Push Me 7/22/2009
13. Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock 7/31/2009
14. The Falling Leaf 7/10/2009
15. Set The Sun But Please Not Her 6/2/2009
16. The One Unmasked 6/10/2009
17. ..Word Blades Failure.. 9/12/2009
18. ..Stranger's Reflection 9/16/2009
19. The Fading Love 8/27/2009
20. Musical You 6/10/2009
21. How Dare You 6/28/2009
22. I Finally Learned My Lesson 6/28/2009
23. A Sign Of Death 8/19/2009
24. My Restoration 8/25/2009
25. My Pupose, My Reason 8/16/2009
26. Correction And Acceptance 7/19/2009
27. Regretful Words 9/2/2009
28. The Bird Set Free 6/2/2009

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Best Poem of Lorena Lalen Cruz

The Bird Set Free

Viewing you in that position
Made me feel the pain your in
So I prayed to the holy one
To end the misery your feeling

Then I saw the memories we shared
It was full of smiles so precious
No pain, no problems were traced
Only the strong bond of our loving family

This made me see clearly
Were strong enough to get through this
This slope that shaked our path
Is something that we need to get through

So confident I am with what I saw
Not knowing that reality was changed
By a call full of grief and sorrow
Saying that your soul was set ...

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The One Unmasked

I see him everyday
With a decieving mask on his face
It covers his griefs without a trace
Giving judgements no space

It's hard to see him everyday
With tearful eyes yet with a smile
It would be a big discovery
To grasp the real cause of his misery

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