Loretta Solon

(Burton, Michigan)

Loretta Solon Quotes

  • ''Let no man be called happy before his death. Till then, he is not happy, only lucky.''
    Solon (c. 640-558 B.C.), Greek statesman, poet. In answer to the fabulously wealthy Croesus, who asked him who was the happiest man Solon had encountered on his travels—expecting Solon to name Croesus himself. Croesus dismissed Solon, only to remember his words when sentenced to death following his disastrous invasion of Persia (though the sentence was rescinded when the Persian king, Cyrus, heard the tale). The story is related by Herodotus in his Histories, bk. 1, though has no historical basis: Solon died before he could have met Croesus.
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When The Shadow Of Doubt

I was tattered and torn, when Jesus found me,
slowly fading away, heartbroken and desolate,
I fell to my knees to pray.
Now... when the shadow of doubt is cast upon me,
when I become a stranger in my own land,
"I'll persevere and follow my savior, for I know now, time is at hand".
When stones of judgement, are cast upon me, by those who practice to deceive,
"Oh yes my heart has grown weary, Oh yes my heart has grieved",...still
When the shadow of doubt, i

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