Lori Triggs

Rookie (May 2 1967 / Middlesex General Hospital In New Brunswick)

Biography of Lori Triggs

Hi my name Lori, I live in Marion County, FL,
My 2 cats 1 in FL and 1 in NJ
I live in with mom in our townhouse.
I was born with a seizure disorder,
so I am disabled and needs medications even
a vagus nerve pacemaker to keep me alive to control
my seizures and try to stop them and collect Social Security.
My hobbies and interests are my cats,
animal activist and groups, environmentalist and
groups, movies, eating out, traveling inside and
outside the USA, my nephews and family,
writing and reading poetry I have some copyrighted
I will get the rest copyrighted and
I will get my poetry published some day.

The Famous Poet In My Family Is Lord George Gordon Byron
On my moms her father his mother from Irland her maiden name is Gardner, she had an husband From Austria they came to the USA.
So that where my mom, brother and I got our writings skills from.

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Lori Triggs's Works:

None Yet But Thinking About I Had Offers Though lol!

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Brother The Class Clown!

Brother The Class Clown!
By Lori Triggs
Copyrighted May 8 2006

Dedicated To My Brother.

My brother was born an accident!
He was always in accidents.

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