Lost Dream

Rookie (Washingtown, DC - United States of America)

Biography of Lost Dream

Nothing special to say about me! I am a lonly person trying to became a successful Doctor. But the effects of 'love' as created a new life and world for me! ... sometime good and bad! ... Falling in love with someone that can never be called my own! 'love comes once... dont let it go'

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Keep Loving Me

where did i go wrong when i told you that truth! from the day that i started to love you till now, i have only kept one secret! ...

the one secret that broke all the relations that we....

had! i tried all means to tell you what hurt me the most and i always failed to explain the depts that lied inside! ...

every moment we spent together and shared every secret... this one just kept slipping my mind! everytime i held your hands and tried to mention...

my lips became sealed... and i ke

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