1. Unity 11/30/2008
2. The Put Down 12/17/2008
3. The Sickness 2/13/2009
4. Oh See How They Dance! 2/17/2009
5. I'Ve Had Enough Of You Thinking You'Re Tough 3/25/2009
6. It's Been A *bleh* Day 12/17/2008
7. Writing Is Invincible 12/17/2008
8. Too Busy Being Me 12/12/2008
9. Nothing Made Sense Today (Almost Like The Start Of A Story) 12/12/2008
10. Goodnight, Sweet Nightmare 12/1/2008
11. I Just Want To Get Out 12/3/2008
12. For All Of You 12/4/2008
13. I'Ve Got It 3/25/2009
14. Old Times Are Lost 4/2/2009
15. Coming Up For Air.......... 2/26/2009
16. Fade 3/6/2009
17. All I Know....(Beginning Of Another Story For Me) 12/17/2008
18. Its Just So Typical... 2/13/2009
19. I Wish Someday...... 12/17/2008
20. One More 12/1/2008
21. Exposed, How Should I Know? 12/3/2008
22. Drowning 12/11/2008
23. Happily Ever After 4/2/2009
24. The Day I Cried For You 12/12/2008
25. To Be A Dragon Is To Live Free! 12/11/2008
26. I Pity The Criticizers 12/5/2008
27. New Shakespeare 12/2/2008

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New Shakespeare

I'm tired of writing in the old time rhyme that's not worth a dime anymore
I hate working through the archaic and the old old english
How 'bout we write about something that everyone will understand and everyone will listen to?
I'm tired of writing rants about world peace and why there's no love in the world
so i use a pencil, some paper, and the thoughts that the Lord gave me from above.
i ain't got not time for old time rhyme
that's not worth a dime
I'm tired of tearing my mind apart over
shakespeare's plays, that there just ain't no way
I've had enough of the ...

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For All Of You

For the losers
For the winners
For the boozers
For the sinners
For those with all the pain
For the lone souls remaining
For those without a voice
Those without a choice

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