Louie Levy

Rookie (1926 / N.Y.C; NY USA)

Biography of Louie Levy

Louie Levy as a Poet, originally from Brooklyn, NY now lives in the state of California. His 'poetry for Love and Peace' has been published and read around the world in such publications as 'Taj Mahal Review, Explorers Literary Magazine and 'Insights', a Collection of Contemporary Short Stories, to name a few. In addition, his unique perspective and objective sensitivity has forged him to the forefront as a master photographer with his work being published in 'Harvests of the New Millennium' and 'Different Worlds, a Virtual Journey, Art and Poetry' Dr Santosh Kumar, Editor. Louie Levy's speaking engagements, most recently at Simi Valley, Ca. Cultural Art Center and plans at Moorpark Community College are always centered on his eternal hope for peace and love in the world through creative writing. A Google web search as; Poet for Peace Louie Levy, will have you see more of 24 years of writing endeavors listed online and where ever contributed.

Louie Levy's Works:

http: //www.cyberwit.net/rev.htm
http: //www.strangeroad.com/Poetry/LouieLevy.php
http: //www.cornerpoetry.com/poetry/levy_l/levy.html
http: //www.jbstillwater.com/guestpoets.asp
Google; Poet For Peace Louie Levy

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Restless Holidays -

-without Peace for all saddens our abused Earth,
with reminders that we are all privileged tenants; all
are to feel the wrath of environmental fury being
invulnerably Omnipotent over what seems to be,
we the feeble, less than grandeur, human life.

Keep then spirit,
we are that, which
helps others who cannot.

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