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Louie Vizcarra Poems

1. Civil War 4/27/2012
2. Hillside Burning 4/27/2012
3. Reach For The Stars 4/27/2012
4. The Reason For My Suffering 4/27/2012
5. The Second Iceage 4/27/2012
6. The Spring Rains Pound On 4/27/2012
7. Two Plus Two 4/27/2012
8. Alexander 4/27/2012
9. Time 4/27/2012
10. April 4/27/2012
11. 10 Days 4/27/2012
12. Reign Of Love 4/27/2012
13. Frozen In Time 4/27/2012
14. A Swing In Full Circle 4/27/2012
15. Xochimilco 5/13/2012
16. Sadness Is A Blessing 5/16/2012
17. The Scent Of My Skin Is Familiar 9/2/2012
18. Luna 9/6/2012
19. Leo 9/12/2012
20. My Red Veil 9/25/2012
21. Bible In One Hand Bullets In The Other 10/10/2012
22. There Is A Difference Between Like And Love 5/11/2012

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Hillside Burning

We ran in the rain
we ran in the wind.
We saw a hillside burning and we ran through that.
Throwing off our coats
we ran through the cold wind and jumped off a cliff.
Falling to the rocks below, we clung to one another in an intimate embrace
and I breathed my soul into you.
Locked in passion
we refused to look at the rocks moving up at us.
While a voice in your ear shouted danger
I insisted otherwise.
We ignored the icy wind
the coming doom
when you suddenly looked down.
While you tried to grab onto the wall to save yourself
I reached for your ...

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Civil War

Life on the farm was monotonous
I stayed inside and never lied
life was simple and there was plenty to eat
in a lonely, out of the way village
far from the outside world.
Conservatives and liberals-
I had never heard the words in my youth
but when armed men stormed my village
burned my life to the ground and shot my family

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