Louis Borgo

Gold Star - 8,287 Points [Holy06] (1-6-88 / Unknown)

Louis Borgo Poems

41. Dark Side Of The Moon 8/6/2011
42. Last Of The Figher (Next Level Genchi) 8/8/2011
43. The City That I'M From 8/12/2011
44. Cool! 8/25/2011
45. Play On Words 9/18/2011
46. Match Made In Heaven 10/8/2011
47. Internet Protestation 10/27/2011
48. Borrow Time 1/7/2012
49. Miss Thompson As I Do Call Her 1/23/2012
50. The Mirror Is The Memory 3/3/2012
51. Rare Coin 7/11/2012
52. Original Sin Peace On Earth 8/19/2012
53. 'Dear Summer' The Reminiscence Of Affection 12/12/2012
54. I'M S-H-Y, H-I 12/12/2012
55. I Cant Get Out Of The Bath Tub 6/6/2013
56. I Am Articulate Not Procrastinate It Is A Difference 7/6/2013
57. Lost In Translation 7/13/2013
58. A Solider Ambition 7/6/2013
59. A Man Eater She Was 7/20/2013
60. The Right Tear Of A Mountain Tear 7/23/2013
61. Just Listen 7/28/2013
62. A Lane To Rain If I May 8/2/2013
63. People Speak And People Talk 8/5/2013
64. Living The Day To Day Pay Check 8/24/2013
65. Put On Your Records (One Time For The Lovers) 9/1/2013
66. Draw Of First Blood Fight For Everything 9/11/2013
67. Why Question No Question Question Is Now 10/5/2013
68. Walk With Me 7/21/2014
69. She Knows 7/31/2014
70. It's Everything About You 8/2/2014
71. Red Lighting 9/13/2014
72. Money Or Value 9/22/2014
73. Achilles Awakening 9/22/2014
74. Old Friends 9/27/2014
75. Trail Of Tears 10/4/2014
76. A Tower Of Mist 10/4/2014
77. She's Mad At Me Today 10/25/2014
78. Birds View Crown Chakra 10/26/2014
79. Virtual Woman 10/26/2014
80. My Valentines 10/26/2014
Best Poem of Louis Borgo

Stand By Me

Sit in the class wait for class to start it is going to be a beautiful day
I have a list of question to ask the teacher since supper
Oh look a substituted teacher I guess I read the dictionary in Latin
The rule to remember never remember word but the word root

Oh look the girl that glances as when she is sleeping is looking back at me
Must be me it's fourth period and it is scorch hot and
I got a thirty minute drive back home
And two hours bench in gym because Im stress out
Louis, uh, Louis, uh, Louis, mmh, Louis, umh, Louis, ahh,

Louis You hear me ...

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Dear Luv

Dear Luv,
I write to stop this pedals of tears,
Far from falling over,
Never the less this,
Here franchise of deed,
Yes if you can read,
You can understand,
Why im close to sea...
Giving time to rest,

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