Louis Edward Sissman

(1928 - 1976 / Detroit / United States)

Biography of Louis Edward Sissman

Louis Edward Sissman (January 1, 1928 Detroit – March, 1976) was a poet and advertising executive.
Sissman was raised in Detroit. He went to private schools, and in 1941 he became a national spelling champion. He was a Quiz Kid.
Near the end of World War II Sissman entered Harvard. He was expelled but returned, graduating in 1949 as Class Poet.
In 1950's, he worked at Prentice-Hall as a copyeditor in New York City.
In the 1960s, he worked at odd jobs, including campaigning for John F. Kennedy. Eventually, he was hired by Quinn and Johnson Advertising, in Boston, and he rose to Creative Vice President. He married Anne, and lived in Still River.
In 1965, he discovered he had Hodgkin’s lymphoma. He fought the disease for a decade. He wrote book reviews and poems for The New Yorker, monthly columns for the Atlantic, and was published in Harper's Magazine.
His papers are at Harvard University.

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Our Literary Heritage

I. Riverside Drive, 1929

" ‘Good-by, Ralph. It should end some other way.
Not this,' Corinna said. ‘Now go away.'
No. Rhymes. It's ludicrous. Try ‘Dear, good-by.'
No. Repetitious. Maybe ‘Dear, farewell.'
No. Stagy. Out of character. Oh, hell.
Time for a drink." The Smith-Corona heaves
As he retracts his knickerbockered knees

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