Louis Marvin

Rookie (burbank, california)

Biography of Louis Marvin

Published in Madswirl, Beatdom, Red Fez,
Westward Quarterly, Blackheart, CHA,
Nothing. No One. Nowhere., Occupy Poetry, Youtube,
Mask/Decanto, Aquillrelle, Carcinogenic Poetry,
Best Poems, Open MIC, Helium, Write On! ! ,
Whispers of Poetry, Digital Verse

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Champions And Memories

Like I have with my folks
she is having with me
like the folks passed the love of the game
I shine the sun to her now
and only one with a subtle understanding of the game
could understand a wink, a gesture, a rarely given high five
we are making memories, greater than any trophy
these tears, and sweat and blood and sore minds and bodies
are the stuff legends are made of kid

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