Louis Marvin

Rookie (burbank, california)

Biography of Louis Marvin

Published in Madswirl, Beatdom, Red Fez,
Westward Quarterly, Blackheart, CHA,
Nothing. No One. Nowhere., Occupy Poetry, Youtube,
Mask/Decanto, Aquillrelle, Carcinogenic Poetry,
Best Poems, Open MIC, Helium, Write On! ! ,
Whispers of Poetry, Digital Verse

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Daughter's Day

let me strip the technology, the wants, the spoiled child from her
and let me show the salt of the sea to her today
let me feel the wind with my child
let us imagine swimming with the fishes, and our wishes coming true
for it is no dream on this green, emerald island of love
for us, we usually have to bring our feet down to the ground
for our reality is for many a dream
so today, we wander in your dreams
we'll smile in your sleep

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