louis rams Quotes

10 June 2017

life is poetry in motion

09 February 2019

child hood memories will flood your mind from another era, another time, so live the present not the past so these memories will forever last.

09 February 2019

love is like a waterfall cascading down giving life to all around

09 February 2019

learn how to love and never quick to judge

09 February 2019

the sun brightens our day but love brightens our lives

16 December 2020

Sentimental values Material things mean nothing to me because It just has monetary value. Give me something of sentimental value such as A kiss, a hug, a kind word or a compliment Of something achieved. You cannot take material things with you at your death But you can take the sentimental emotions that you Have received and given. We must just give of ourselves and let the material Things take care of themselves, because they'll Be here long after we are dead and buried. A bed cover may keep you warm, but it can not Love you or show you happiness. These are my thoughts and feelings that I share with you. © L. RAMS 121620

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