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i have no name 24 February 2020

i think that she is a really good writer

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Peter garland 16 August 2019

I had a Socrates-like teacher who knew Ms. Bogan. He gave me Williams' Little Treasury of Modern Poetry which has a " botched photo" of Bogan in it, and some of her poetry. I thank my teacher.

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Oone Tattered 08 April 2014

Last Hill in a Vista, I enjoyed this poem about nature and may come to read more of this ladies work,

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Babyjoram Benson 18 May 2009

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Joe Distefano 22 August 2006

Re Louise Bogan: Mary Gordon, in her essay 'Getting There from Here' (republished in Gordon's 1991 book 'Good Boys and Dead Girls and Other Essays' quotes a Gordon poem, 'Saint Christopher', in its entirety. A quick online search appears to show that a manuscript of this poem is included in a list of Bogan's papers maintained at Georgetown University. But the poem does not appear to be in Poemhunter's 'All Poems' list for Bogan. Can you add it? Did Bogan write other poems about saints? Thanks, Joseph N. DiStefano, Philadelphia distefano251@hotmail.com

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