Louise Marie DelSanto

Louise Marie DelSanto Poems

1. She Once Had This Dream 2/9/2006
2. The Woman In The Second Bed 2/10/2006
3. Intervention Of Grandchild 2/19/2006
4. Black Silk Scarf 2/24/2006
5. A Woman In Baquba 3/9/2006
6. My Father, The Wardley Toad 3/16/2006
7. I Thought Of Dorothea 3/19/2006
8. Under A Spring Moon 3/29/2006
9. Daughter's Grief 11/28/2005
10. Black And Blue 11/28/2005
11. Last Walk Of Life 11/28/2005
12. Going Back To Manny's Father's House 1/31/2006
13. Encouraging Aidan 2/6/2006
14. Dancing In Las Vegas 11/10/2005
15. Remembrance Of Fifties 11/10/2005
16. Last Will And Testimony 11/11/2005
17. Morning Dream 11/11/2005
18. To Feel Your Pain 11/11/2005
19. Infatuation Ruins 11/11/2005
20. Fairy Gods 11/11/2005
21. Comfort 11/11/2005
22. My Sister Became A Parakeet 11/11/2005
23. Snow Princess 11/28/2005
24. On The Coldest Of Nights 12/1/2005
25. Revanche 12/3/2005
26. A Taste Of Eternity 12/3/2005
27. Seduction 12/3/2005
28. Gemma's Bar 11/28/2005
29. Winter/1962 11/28/2005
30. Nobody's Home 11/28/2005
31. Smoke Rings 11/12/2005
32. The Dedication Of Evening 11/28/2005
33. The Dusk Of Heroes/4th Floor Rehab 12/4/2005
34. She Knew A Good Man When She Saw One 12/14/2005
35. Mabel Momma 12/18/2005
36. Underlined 12/21/2005
37. Lidia 12/26/2005
38. My African Sister 1/10/2006
39. Wondering About You 1/12/2006
40. Twilight Concert 1/14/2006

Comments about Louise Marie DelSanto

  • Bill Smith (1/14/2006 5:24:00 AM)

    I returned to Louise's poems today having not read for a while, I feel when reading that I am in conversation with her and she is there reciting her work just for me......she takes the mundane in every day life and gives it an air of beauty

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Best Poem of Louise Marie DelSanto

On Beaches, Narragansett, Rhode Island

Here on Narragansett Beach
figures on wet sand in the afternoon
cool, foamy surf touching bare flesh

Like the touch of a strong lover,
I welcomed it all at once,
savoring the love songs for later

Hovering sea-birds, larger than life
consistent in flying beyond the horizon
What pleasure in such a flight?

The sun was so deliberate
so quick to brown my milky skin,
Such a gift this place in daylight.

Everything else is insignificant, I thought
And my body trembled thinking of you,
my bare feet pressing into warm sand.

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Black Silk Scarf

Once arrived from Beijing,
My mother and sister approach me,
heavy tweed sweaters wrapped around
their shoulders,
the weight of a past life behind them
They hand me a black silk scarf for my head and help me
board the train.

Chinese businessmen turn on their computers and tap the

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