Francis Duggan Love Poems

I Love This Land Australia

I love this Land Australia of gum and wattle tree
This vast and sunlit Continent is home from home for me
And though I come from a distant Land when I have had my day
Than underneath Australian soil where better place to lay.

I Love The Countryside

I love the countryside bordering the rural town
And the warbling of the magpies just after sundown
And the cawings of the dark little ravens on the tall headland trees
Their sharp calling carrying in the freshening breeze

The Unconditional Love Of A Dog

Great stories of love people love to recall
But unconditional love is the greatest love of all
The sort of love that a human to another human cannot give
Though your dog will love you for as long as she or he live,

I Love Time Out With Nature

I love time out with Nature and I love peace and quiet
To walk along the gravel path in the evening sunlight
When the wild birds are singing and Spring is in her prime
And even memories of such inspire the soul to rhyme.

One Reason Why I Do Love Women

Of Arrogant males I have grown tired I meet one or two every day
One reason why I do love women is that they are different to men in every way
We would have less wars if women were leaders and a far better World to live in
With females in positions of power pragmatism would have a big win

Love With Peace And Justice

It's a troubled World we live in the World of today
But love with peace and justice only decades away
In fifty years or less from now there won't be mistrust and hate
The war lords and the men of war will have passed their use by date.

If You Can'T Love Yourself

Though many with what I say may not agree
I cannot love others if I cannot love me
If you can't love yourself you can't love anyone
That applies to all and that is barring none

To Love Nature

I grew to love Nature when I was a boy
And learning of her ways today I enjoy
And my wonder of her ways only does grow
Yet so little about her I can claim for to know

Love Of Self Gone Wrong

If you cannot love yourself you cannot love anyone
This is what the wise woman did say to her son
And though there are many forms of love of which all are aware
Those who have love in them have love with others for to share

Will You Love Me When I'M Ninety

Will you love me when I'm ninety when I'm unsteady on my feet
Will you put your hand in my hand when we shuffle down the street
Or will you have left me for one younger found a new love in your life
For many years now we've been happy together as man and wife

Parental Love

He would kill and eat their baby birds the songbirds seem to know
So they do their best their very best to frighten off the crow
Their babies from such an awful fate they risk their lives to save
They even mob the bigger bird they are so very brave

Self Conceit And Self Love

Self conceit and self love are a different thing
The self conceited expect others their praises to sing
But those who love themselves love other people too
Herein lay the big difference between the two

Unrequited Love

She is one of the women who have fallen for James
And for to describe him she uses exalted names
Like Greek God, Apollo and georgeous looking man
But James seems oblivious to the worship of Ann.

The Price Of Dead Love

His marriage is over but he has no tears
For the woman he was married to for just over two years
Though he miss his baby daughter when he comes home from work at night
In his marriage she was his one source of delight.

I'Ve Been In Love With Nature

I've been in love with Nature ever since I was a boy
And a walk in Nature's quiet places is always a thing of joy
In woods and Land for Wildlife the wild birds chirp and sing
And the beauty that lives in Nature is an amazing thing

The People Who Love Nature

Not seen as great or special or the leaders of our time
But to the people who love Nature i dedicate this rhyme
They dedicate their free time for the future of human kind
And in the person who loves Nature a great person you will find.

I Would Love To Go To Africa

I would love to go to Africa to see the wildlife there
To bring away from there great memories that with others i could share
To see the Serengeti the World's greatest wildlife park
And hear the male lions roaring and hear the wild dogs bark.

Love Transcends All Barriers

The passing years has wiped most of his memory
As well as leaving him looking weary, old and gray
But his ageing wife she lovingly cares for him
And she tells him that she loves him every day.

Two Women Of Love

In love as in life things do not always go well
Two women of love with different stories to tell
In different ways by love they were both left in tears
And due to love grief and disappointment can linger for years

A Memory Of First Love

She was quite young not even in her twenties
And i was two years younger seventeen
And i loved her but the thought of love it scared me
For to the ways of love i was still green.

My Love For This Great Country

Why Indigenous people love this Country not even hard to understand
For one like me from far away a green northern Land
In this Land of open spaces scarcely a day goes by
That you won't feel the sun's warmth in the sunny southern sky.

What Is True Love

On bushes and trees it surely does not grow
I ask you what love is since I would not know
A mother's love for her child has got to be real
That sort of love to it as true love does appeal

Make Love Instead

For to win the war many must die and the dead forever dead
Forget about making war mate you should make love instead
For making love is very beautiful of love the poets do sing
It is better by far than making war as war is a horrid thing,

True Love In It's Prime

True love in it's prime is a beautiful thing
It's praises in poetry and song we do sing
But the great joy of love sometimes does end in tears
And the ache of lost love it can linger for years

You Who Cannot Love Nature

Her natural ways you only wish to control
You who cannot love Nature you do not have a soul
Our beloved Earth Goddess the source of the poet's muse
The one who sustains us and her you abuse.

You Love, I Love

You love the wide brown country the flatlands sparse in trees
Where when the moon is rising in the freshening evening breeze
You hear the dingoes barking out hunting for the night
They chase the mob of kangaroos for miles in the moonlight.

Love And Peace

Oh the wind that's soughing tonight
Through the pine trees seem to say
The sinful yet may see God's light
Love and peace may come some day.

The Great Love Of The Brownings

It was the union of poetic icons and their life together full of love and harmony
And they left behind them marvellous poems and sonnets and together now they live in history
They rank amongst the great poets of their era and the literary critics respect to them pay
And their verses perhaps will live on forever and their works are very much alive today.

Young Love

Long years of marriage it would seem is now going out of fashion
But young love it is fresh and warm and never lacks in passion
And though young love seldom last for years and it ends with tearful love aching
Most loves don't ever last for life and love can be heartbreaking,

In Love She Has Been Disappointed

For her age she looks rather pretty but a smile seldom comes to her face
And she has a hard look about her she has put a few men in their place
Last April she turned forty seven she looks more like forty to me
Her only offspring a daughter is now a mother two weeks back she turned twenty three.

The World I'D Love To Live In

The World I'd love to live in and of which I visualize
I feel in my lifetime anyhow will not materialize
For despite the giant steps in progress us human kind have made
We have not learned from the past and other Lands we still invade.

True Love's Other Side

The flame of love will last a lifetime that's what some experts on love do say
But I have known of hearts near to breaking when love's passion has faded away
For months on end they grieved for lost love and the heartache with them for years stay
Some times for loving one true and sincerely there can be a huge price to pay.

I Love The Coastal Country

I love the open spaces the cliffs above the sea
And you can have your noisy town the coastal lands for me
Far from smoky suburbia the coastal air is clean
Though the paddocks by the ocean more often brown than green.

I'D Love To Be In Millstreet Town

I'd love to be in Millstreet Town on this St Patrick's day
And watch the Millstreet Pipers band up to the Town Square play
And call into a Millstreet pub to have a drink or two
And again renew acquaintances of old friends I once knew.

He Love

He love the unfenced land of his World flat and wide
The buzzing of the flies in his own countryside
The yap of the wild dog just as the sun goes down
The silence of the sky far from the lights of town.

So Many So Called Love Poems

So many so called love poems have been written it's so easy for to say that I love you
But few loves last until death do us part and when I say that I mean very few
How many marriages have ended in the divorce courts and how many loves have foundered in a year?
And only bitterness where once were hugs and kisses another love song I do not wish to hear.

They Take Self Love Too Far

'Tis sad to think that those into self promotion in success seem to get far
For I am tired of listening to them telling me of how great they are
Always blowing their own bugles they love the me, myself and I
'Tis with a great sense of relief when to them I get to say goodbye.

Oh I Love Cloghoula Countryside

Oh I love Cloghoula countryside when wild flowers are in bloom
Just outside the Town of Millstreet on the way out towards Macroom
When the birds are singing gaily and new leaves are on the trees
And the brown bog larks are piping o'er the bogland of Gneeves.

I Love

I'm always proud of what I am
An Irish and a Millstreet man
I love Millstreet my native earth
And Cork the county of my birth.

The Thing Called Love

And what is love don't ask him as he doesn't know
Though he thought he loved but that was years ago
But how can one love one who doesn't love you?
As love's a thing that must be shared by two.

A Down And Out On Meeting The Love Of His Life

We had good times when we were young we had now didn't we?
And we had no worries in those days and we lived life carefree
And I loved you then as I still do but you did not love me
And I hoped you'd stay with me for life but it wasn't meant to be.

Misplaced Love

Land, Religion and Nationality one well might call them the big three
Barriers to love and understanding that would lead to World harmony
And add to those three God and Politics and then there is this issue of race
And add to these cultural differences and peace an uphill fight must face.

One Sided Love

They are parted by the ocean and he has not seen her for some while
And poor lovesick John feels lonely and he pines for Mary Doyle
And he never will forget her with blue eyes and raven hair
And he constantly dream of her she has got him in love's snare

Love Lorn Man

The sad song a drunk was singing brought to his eyes a tear
As he sat by the bar room counter sipping from his glass of beer
Once more he thought of blond haired Mary with the eyes of hazel brown
The fairest maid that ever walked the streets of his Hometown.

I Love The Birds

I love the birds the wildborn birds are free
Their roof the clouds their house is every tree
With the environment they live in harmony
Whilst man is the environment's enemy.

Johnny's Erstwhile Love

the moon shines beautiful and bright
And countless little stars look down
And Johnny thinks of her tonight
Whilst she walks the streets of town.

On A Down And Out On Meeting The Love Of His Life

We had good times when we were young, we had now didn't we
And we had no worries in those days and and we lived life carefree
And I loved you then as I still do but you did not love me
And I hoped you'd stay with me for life but it weren't meant to be.

Where Love Stories Began

Amazing how a simple thought can bring old memories back
Like the advertisment in the Cork Examiner by Ballroom proprietor Dominic Mac
Which read 'The Star in Millstreet where love stories begin'
The gray haired grandmother today a teenager back then.

I'D Love To Go Home To Kallista

I'd love to go home to Kallista it's beautiful there in the Spring
When crimson rosella is belling and little yellow robin sing
The magpie's voice herald the morning and grey shrike thrush sing all the day
I'd love to go back to Kallista to home of the great 'mountain gray'.

How Great My Love For These Old Hills

Old Puffing Billy Belgrave's ancient steam train
Puffs up the slope through Selby's wooded hill
And currawongs are piping on the tall gums
And Kookaburra's laughter sounding shrill

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