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I wrote 'My Memory an Me' when I started to take an interest in reading. So the poem is actually about my passion for books if you didn't catch the inference. I also wrote 'What Is Art' around the same time. I wrote it because I took and interest in sculpture (and of course made a sculpture) and found that the longer I looked at my peice of art the less beautiful it seemed. I wrote 'The Swan' because my granmother loves swans and she's very special to me. 'The Mocking Bird' is the poem that people seem to like most. I guess some people may think 'Wow this dude seriously has a thing for birds.' but I don't; just a coinsident. I wasn't really going to post anyhitng, I was just going to let my poems speak for me, but more people look at my profile than my poems so I figured I would write something people would read. Read my poems and don't forget to rate them and comment on them. I need your input!
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Is It He Who May Not Be

He walks in darkness; the shadows of earth
Who anticipates death; and cherishes birth
He looms over us all; all of our lives
He who is a wielder of all deaths knives
He of which you cannot deny
For here in life we cruelly lie
Is it Death, who we cannot see,
Is it he who may not be

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