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I wrote 'My Memory an Me' when I started to take an interest in reading. So the poem is actually about my passion for books if you didn't catch the inference. I also wrote 'What Is Art' around the same time. I wrote it because I took and interest in sculpture (and of course made a sculpture) and found that the longer I looked at my peice of art the less beautiful it seemed. I wrote 'The Swan' because my granmother loves swans and she's very special to me. 'The Mocking Bird' is the poem that people seem to like most. I guess some people may think 'Wow this dude seriously has a thing for birds.' but I don't; just a coinsident. I wasn't really going to post anyhitng, I was just going to let my poems speak for me, but more people look at my profile than my poems so I figured I would write something people would read. Read my poems and don't forget to rate them and comment on them. I need your input!
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The Swan

Bright as the sun, white as the moon
Bathed in light she will happily swoon
A long graceful neck; wings pure as snow
She dances on water performing her show

She flies through the air; her own bird of a feather
Her connection to angels; no one can sever
A figure of beauty, grace, and poise
A perfect part of life’s many joys

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