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Rookie (15.08.1972 / wakefield)

Biography of lucas shakespere

After I popped out of my mummy's tummy I decided to be a poet.Or rather I wanted to be a window cleaner, an archeologist and a brain surgeon and then I wanted to be a poet.I live in Leeds and am diagnosed with schizophrenia.I find madness very conducive to the creative flow.I studied English Literature at Newcastle Uni which gave me writer's block for five years but now happily wander hither and thither ie. I dropped out in 1995 and now I am desperate to dropp back in again.Hope you like my poetry love lucas x x....

lucas shakespere's Works:

Two poems published in magazine - The Slab 2005
poem published magazine - Cat on a hot Tin Roof 1994
CD single 'From Me To You' available - contact me 2005 Updates

Saturday Night

I had a dream and in the dream my arms
Were thin; it was a good dream,
In town before the screaming and
The bleeding starts, a good dream,
I hope to go back to practice
The old heroics, not sure if I am
Awake or asleep, drowsy with suffering,
In my essence I am the air rising and falling
In my lungs like the flood of a dirty

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