Luce Darwin

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Luce Darwin Poems

1. Melodies In Silences 4/20/2013
2. Falling Idealism 4/20/2013
3. You Are A Gentle Hum 4/20/2013
4. I Walked Because You Walked 4/20/2013
5. Written In The Prologue 4/20/2013
6. An Intangible Breaking 4/20/2013
7. Euphoria 4/20/2013
8. Bracing For Storms 4/20/2013
9. Something Carried You From Here 4/20/2013
10. Wedding Bells 4/20/2013
11. Sheer Genius 4/20/2013
12. This Small Town And The Rest Of The World 4/20/2013
13. I Ran Through Forests Of Pine 4/20/2013
14. A Light Somewhere Between All This Mess 4/20/2013
15. Moon Jealousy 4/20/2013
16. A Small Thank You Letter 4/20/2013
17. Don'T Let Death Take You 4/20/2013
18. In The Sight Of Brilliance 4/20/2013
19. The Mountain 4/20/2013
20. You Arrive When The Sea Is At High Tide 4/20/2013
21. I Despise You 4/20/2013
22. In The Shadows 4/20/2013
23. In Our Near Geography (The Moon Is Too Loud) 4/20/2013
24. A Sudden Burst Of Realism 4/20/2013
25. There Is A Map Of You All Around Me 4/20/2013
26. The Grand Scheme Of Things 4/20/2013
27. Fawning 4/20/2013
28. This Is Supernatural 4/20/2013
29. We Have Arrived At The Wastes 4/20/2013
30. Planting The Evermore 4/20/2013
31. You Are Condemned 4/20/2013
32. Southbound 4/20/2013
33. We Are Exporers 4/20/2013
34. The Bridge In The Sky 4/20/2013
35. Hello Again, Welcome Home 4/20/2013
36. I Hear You In My Voice Sometimes 4/20/2013
37. It's All In My Head 4/20/2013
38. Pines 4/21/2013
39. It's Just A Dream 4/21/2013
40. The Polar Ends Of Hope 4/21/2013

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  • Sue Ann Simar (7/5/2013 8:01:00 PM)

    I see a talent here, although I didn't read one poem that I felt was really finished. I hope you are reading poetry- maybe some publications like American Poetry Review and Poetry. Keep writing...I'm sincere about believing in your talent.

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Best Poem of Luce Darwin


I got my share of serendipity
that day I found you.

This dalliance
has been close to glorious,
but our song is ending
and the leaves are growing weary,
slouching at their sides,
they know what's coming
as do I
but please don't fret,
I fell in love
and that cannot be erased.

I'll be back darling.
Wait for me.

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You Are A Gentle Hum

You are of some beautiful artistry;
Made of artifical light;
a gentle hum
When the song is over
My love,
You are my biggest secret
Only I, this paper, and these words know
That I love you more and more, every hour
Just your knowing glance;

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