Luce Darwin

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Luce Darwin Poems

1. Melodies In Silences 4/20/2013
2. Falling Idealism 4/20/2013
3. You Are A Gentle Hum 4/20/2013
4. I Walked Because You Walked 4/20/2013
5. Written In The Prologue 4/20/2013
6. An Intangible Breaking 4/20/2013
7. Euphoria 4/20/2013
8. Bracing For Storms 4/20/2013
9. Something Carried You From Here 4/20/2013
10. Wedding Bells 4/20/2013
11. Sheer Genius 4/20/2013
12. This Small Town And The Rest Of The World 4/20/2013
13. I Ran Through Forests Of Pine 4/20/2013
14. A Light Somewhere Between All This Mess 4/20/2013
15. Moon Jealousy 4/20/2013
16. A Small Thank You Letter 4/20/2013
17. Don'T Let Death Take You 4/20/2013
18. In The Sight Of Brilliance 4/20/2013
19. The Mountain 4/20/2013
20. You Arrive When The Sea Is At High Tide 4/20/2013
21. I Despise You 4/20/2013
22. In The Shadows 4/20/2013
23. In Our Near Geography (The Moon Is Too Loud) 4/20/2013
24. A Sudden Burst Of Realism 4/20/2013
25. There Is A Map Of You All Around Me 4/20/2013
26. The Grand Scheme Of Things 4/20/2013
27. Fawning 4/20/2013
28. This Is Supernatural 4/20/2013
29. We Have Arrived At The Wastes 4/20/2013
30. Planting The Evermore 4/20/2013
31. You Are Condemned 4/20/2013
32. Southbound 4/20/2013
33. We Are Exporers 4/20/2013
34. The Bridge In The Sky 4/20/2013
35. Hello Again, Welcome Home 4/20/2013
36. I Hear You In My Voice Sometimes 4/20/2013
37. It's All In My Head 4/20/2013
38. Pines 4/21/2013
39. It's Just A Dream 4/21/2013
40. The Polar Ends Of Hope 4/21/2013

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  • Sue Ann Simar (7/5/2013 8:01:00 PM)

    I see a talent here, although I didn't read one poem that I felt was really finished. I hope you are reading poetry- maybe some publications like American Poetry Review and Poetry. Keep writing...I'm sincere about believing in your talent.

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Best Poem of Luce Darwin


I got my share of serendipity
that day I found you.

This dalliance
has been close to glorious,
but our song is ending
and the leaves are growing weary,
slouching at their sides,
they know what's coming
as do I
but please don't fret,
I fell in love
and that cannot be erased.

I'll be back darling.
Wait for me.

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Planting The Evermore

I am falling in love
with a secret admirer,
who is not so secret any longer.
He is the fast moving,
enigmatic gardener
who blooms with the flowers,
of unknown origins
and indistinguishable beauty,
beside every of my forest pathways

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