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I'm a college student pursuing a major in English, and I'm very passionate about poetry. I've been writing since I was thirteen, and I still do -unfortunately most poems nowadays are written in my mother tongue rather than in English, : P

A note on comments: I will remove any comments with abusive contents and/or foul language. I will also remove those of pseudo criticism ('This poem sucks! ! ! ') : if you don't like what I write, please be thorough in explaining why, and give advice if you have any (which you probably do if you feel something's off) . Don't just throw insults at me, or my poetry. That's not polite, and it's very childish, indeed, : P Updates

At Night [old Poem]

Beside the pale, gentle moon
There shone a single radiant star,
Etched in the night of somber hue.
As I looked up a mighty swoon
Came over me, for so very far
Stood the star in the dark blue...

So lofty to me it seemed,
More beautiful than I could endure.

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