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lucifer very very very 1st Poems

1. The Chain Is The Fear Of Our Awareness 12/3/2015
2. Fear Is A Evil Experience 12/12/2015
3. Time Is Conquering Of Time 12/25/2015
4. Time Is To Take Flight, Time Is To Doom A Miracle 1/2/2016
5. Time Is The Aftermath Of A Opinion 1/27/2016
6. Time Is To Share, Time Is To Release 7/18/2016
7. Greet Destiny, Greet Greed 7/28/2016
8. A State Of Intelligence 8/14/2016
9. A Zone Is Physically A Zone 8/24/2016
10. Mentally Or Physically 9/5/2016
11. A Next Century Is A Next Generation 10/8/2016
12. Time Is Great At Justice 10/20/2016
13. My Pledge Is My Marriage 11/13/2016
14. A Pleasure Is A Stalemate 12/3/2016
15. The Rights Of The Law Is The Rights Of Our Privilege 12/28/2016
16. The Weather Of A Storm Is Our Intelligent 1/7/2017
17. Title's Are A Quest Of A Name 3/23/2017
18. A Value Of Bringing 4/2/2017
19. The Outright Playfulness Of Justice 4/23/2017
20. The Criss-Cross Of The Future 5/23/2017
21. A Throne, A Aire, A Magical Throne 7/21/2017
22. The Weight Outclass The Weight 8/10/2017
23. The Momentum Of A Speech 8/26/2017
24. A Quest Of Knowledge Is A Purpose Of Knowledge 9/30/2017
25. Love Is A Swagger 9/5/2015
26. The Law Is The Oath Of Economy 9/21/2015
27. Control Is Powered By Destiny 11/10/2015
28. Destiny Is A Forgiveness, Not A Trail 11/13/2015
29. The Trail Of Our Consciousness 11/27/2015
30. Time Differ Time 10/3/2015
31. Love Is An Addiction, Time Is An Addict 9/1/2015

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Love Is An Addiction, Time Is An Addict

Time is an addict of an addiction
Time bring our addiction to our addict
Love mis-represent our addiction
Love represent the addiction in our addict

A mis-representation is a mis-representation of an addiction
The representation of time is the love of the addiction
A representation is a addict of an addiction
A representation is a love of an addiction

Time is an addiction of joy
Time bring joy to our addiction
Time bring the joy to our love as an addict
Time is a joy of love

Joy is a joyful of love
Joy is a joyful of an addiction
Time is a ...

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Mentally Or Physically

Physically the hands of time
Is the hands of time
The hands of time is

Physically a mental state
Physically is mentally physically
A mental is a mental state of time

A mental state of time
Is a mental mentality
A mental mentality is a

Mental mentality
Physically is physically
A state of time

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