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Biography of Lucifera Santez

well not too much to tell, i love reading and writing.
and i am more of a closet poet.............
my best friend pushed me to write and she is pretty scary if she puts her mind on something.
recently someone told me i need to elaborate more about me.
there is nothing special to elaborate that's all.
i have two brothers, a younger sister.
i started reading novels when i was 11.
my first one was Jules Verne.

i am 18 and way more mature than i was at 17.
i love watching movies, i love rain.
i have not been at my place of birth, Belize ever.
i would like to go someday.
you could say i am black sheep of my family..
my dad's engineer, mama is a teacher(teaches chemistry)
brother's a doctor.
my granddad was one too.
grandma is high school drop out.
i guess this much is worth knowing.
and at last note...
i hate my ex friend Natalie, lying cheating *******.
and my best friends are the tyrants who push me towards excellence.
my brother appreciates whatever i write, even when most of the time he just gets time enough to spare a glance.
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Running hastily in the gardens
How I fell and scraped my knees
Amid those roses and hyacinths
And I used to cry
When it hurt too badly
You would hear it and rush out
Kissing my hurts and drying my tears
Giving me pink cool aids I loved so dearly
You used to carry me in the house

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