Lucifera Santez

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Lucifera Santez Poems

41. Failure 5/25/2014
42. Tears That Were Never Mine 10/13/2015
43. Cry Of Anarchy 10/13/2015
44. Someday 7/29/2013
45. Inhibition 6/17/2013
46. Dark Lady 7/20/2013
47. Dark Soul 7/20/2013
48. Creature 11/15/2013
49. Rememberinng Me 9/15/2013
50. Beast 8/18/2013
51. You 6/16/2013
52. Song Of Thornbird 7/21/2013
53. Broken Heart 6/16/2013
54. Naked Love 8/23/2013
55. Love You Wife 9/4/2013
56. Bunch Of Roses 7/24/2013
57. Nymph 9/22/2013
58. Moment 8/8/2013
59. What Is Love? 9/26/2013
60. Rape 10/18/2013
61. Untarnished 11/26/2013
62. Fantom Lover 8/14/2013
63. Heartbreak 9/29/2013
64. Mermaid 8/3/2013
65. Breath Of Life 8/5/2013
66. Black Roses 8/14/2013
67. A Face To Remember 7/30/2013
Best Poem of Lucifera Santez

A Face To Remember

Smile with me,
Don’t shed a tear,
My pain is enough,
Your agony,
I can’t bear.
It is I, who is going away,
Dying isn’t fascinating,
With you by my side,
I can say.
Please, please let me die alone,
So that I can at least
Shriek with pain and moan.
When you sit by my side,
I forget my pain,
I just hang in dark abyss
Of moss green eyes, your eyes.
To look at you is unbearable,
‘Cause it’s I who is deserting you.
I am not doing it by will
It’s my fate’s turn, they say
You go to church to avert it
And in there you cry and ...

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Running hastily in the gardens
How I fell and scraped my knees
Amid those roses and hyacinths
And I used to cry
When it hurt too badly
You would hear it and rush out
Kissing my hurts and drying my tears
Giving me pink cool aids I loved so dearly
You used to carry me in the house

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