lucinda bryson

Biography of lucinda bryson

She started writing poetry at the age of 12 years old, In memory of her mother. She showed lucinda many different poets and introduced her to creative writing. Showing her how to become freelance writer.She conlabrated poem with other sibiling and manage writing in stressful times.Her poetry show an outlook on life blessing, poverty and the everyday emotions of life.Her skills from being a editior of her high school newspaper.Provided her with the mind set of becoming a freelance writer and poet. Updates


A gift from god a smile and innocense pure as a child.Peach like cheeks as if you where a rose in the summer time. Angel

Like fine china never to be touched just to look at. Pure and sweet like a strawberry Angel
Hot like lava. A fresh pair of sneakers only to be worn never.

Cool as if you where made from spring water
Made by gods hands you are a true Angel

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