lucinda bryson

Biography of lucinda bryson

She started writing poetry at the age of 12 years old, In memory of her mother. She showed lucinda many different poets and introduced her to creative writing. Showing her how to become freelance writer.She conlabrated poem with other sibiling and manage writing in stressful times.Her poetry show an outlook on life blessing, poverty and the everyday emotions of life.Her skills from being a editior of her high school newspaper.Provided her with the mind set of becoming a freelance writer and poet. Updates

The Woman I Wish To Be

To start my life out succesfully won't have to depend on nobody but me.Hoping I'll find a man who would love and take care of me.Try to start a family knowing I'll get a best moms degree.

When I become sucessfull I can't let people get the best of me. The Woman I wish to be, proud and generous, hoping people understand me.
People I'll know, thing I see knowing my family will be proud of me. That The Woman I Wish to be Quality and Respectfully

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