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Biography of Lucy Burrow

Born to British Parents working in Nigeria, the family moved back to UK when I was only 6 weeks old. Have written poetry for as long as I could hold a pen and songs for about 8 years. I am into traditional music and song, am a member of Cornwall songwriters, play the celtic harp, violin, tenor banjo, penny and low d whistle and the irish drum, the bodhran. I am married with 2 daughters aged 24 and 20. We live in North Cornwall and have a dog named Dobby and 2 cats, Neville and Luna.I write because I love to write, I hope you enjoy..... I welcome your comments, kind or unkind and understand that different people have different tastes and that my taste may not always be yours..........Oh the beauty of diversity!

Lucy Burrow's Works:

some of my songs and poems appear in the book of the show 'Unsung Heroes' by The Cornwall Songwriters ISBN: 1 903963 17 6 published by Lyngham House. There is also a CD available of the show.
There is also a book of the show Cornish Lads, featuring some of my songs and a CD of this show. I also have a CD of self penned songs called 'Autumning' all published by Lyngham House.

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Battlefield Tree

I’m the tree on the battlefield – a pitiful sight
I watch as the bullets fly to left and to right
I’m the tree that’s watched blood flow from every man’s heart
I’m the tree on the battlefield, half blown apart.

It’s many the year I’ve stood firm in this soil
Where centuries farmers, long time they did toil
There used to be ten of us handsome and tall
And I’ve stood and I’ve wept as each brother did fall