Lucy Vernezze

Rookie - 20 Points (1987 / Sheffield, UK)

Biography of Lucy Vernezze

Enjoy each day, for it could be your last! ! !
It doesn't really work like that though does it?
We often think that and then get back into the habit of fogetting! Pushing it to the back of our minds and complaining about something that's happened in the day. Like the bus driver who drove too fast
and then never said thank you, when you said it to him. Even though you didn't mean it! Or the parcel you missed because they chose to deliver it when you were in the shower and you never heard. Women have an excuse however. There's always one time of the month we're we can be let off :) But i'm just wanting to remind people to try and enjoy each day, if it is a day and a time where you can enjoy it. Cos it's not always possible, Is It? I'm hoping these
poems are lifelike cos some are real and i felt a certain way when i wrote them, and others are just written out of boredom or something. Hope you enjoy them anyway! Updates

My Poem

If i go before you
I'll see you at the gate
But please don't let grief hurt you
It's just a lengthy wait

I'll keep you safe forver
And i'll watch over you
I promise that i'll keep you safe in everything you do

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