luiz bharali

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i am a simple going person, but i am very choosy and because of this i have got everything in limited....i stay away from my land so sometimes i miss those places....i dont know about my future and i dont want to recall my past...but it is little tuff to ignore your past... so atlast i thought to write poems so that i can shed a part of my sadness...and so here i goes........i want peoples to read my poems, and i welcome everybody to give comments on my poems...i believe that every human beings have something hidden inside them...but the problem is we cant share the same...and here we do the mistakes...'Past is past, never try to hold it back else ur present wil slip away from ur hands......' but how many of us can do that, i believe only a few.In short ' Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness has never danced in the rain.'
atlast i want to say that 'if u cant see me smiling then dont make me cry too! ' Updates

How Can I Love You Again

You broke my heart
You broke my dreams
And you left me alone in my broken life,
You did not saw my tears
You played with my feelings
And you destroyed my relations with everybody,
I left my home
I left my friends
And because of you I left to a new place

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