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Luke Arthur Poems

1. Lost 10/27/2011
2. The Dope 10/27/2011
3. The Doldrums Stare 10/27/2011
4. The Rigours Of Compromise 10/27/2011
5. Bullit-Proof, I Tell The Truth 10/27/2011
6. Perspective 10/27/2011
7. Arthur, Ho, Arthur. 10/27/2011
8. Force Fed 10/27/2011
9. Dislodged 10/28/2011
10. Tick/Tock 10/28/2011
11. The Bread Winner 10/28/2011
12. White Flag, Black Dog 10/28/2011
13. You 10/28/2011
14. Mental Me! 10/28/2011
15. Ride And Learn 11/4/2011
16. The Bubble Of Right And Wrong 11/4/2011
17. Must End In Y 11/4/2011
18. Falling Back To Earth 11/5/2011
19. Common 10/25/2011
20. The Sediments Of Neglect Lay All Around 10/25/2011
21. Copper Coloured River 11/5/2011
22. Depression 10/25/2011
23. Blame Culture And The Sycophantic Vulture 10/27/2011
24. Funny Ha! Ha! 10/28/2011
25. Easy Going 11/5/2011

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Best Poem of Luke Arthur

Easy Going

Easy going like a warm wind blowing
Equanimity and a mild heart glowing
No trouble or strife just mood slowing
Tis happiness and love I am sowing

I’m not fully grown but, still growing
It’s War, Hate and Greed I am mowing
Don’t tell me I’m wrong for knowing
On lives peaceful waters I am flowing

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The Doldrums Stare

The doldrums stare, bereft in silent meditation
Icy cold spheres of stone lay heavy in my gut
My eyelids wide open, whilst my heart it slams shut
But, if I let you in, you’ll only hurt me again, my love

The doldrums stare under gray dripping skies
Runs a slow muddy brook on this weeping earth
Ho, darkness of thoughts, manifest thy selves

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