Luke Davies

(1962 - / Sydney / Australia)

Luke Davies Poems

1. A Short History Of Polar Exploration 5/3/2012
2. Body Surfing 5/3/2012
3. Crescent Moon Over Over The Eiffel Tower 5/3/2012
4. From Theory To Pulse 5/3/2012
5. Gawain 5/3/2012
6. Lisbon 5/3/2012
7. London, Winter 5/3/2012
8. Lucky 5/3/2012
9. Mythic Sacrifices In The Friendly Summer 5/3/2012
10. Nature Poem 5/3/2012
11. Nine Hours 5/3/2012
12. North Coast Bushfires 5/3/2012
13. Poetry And Blood 5/3/2012
14. Poetry And Flowers 5/3/2012
15. Refraction 5/3/2012
16. Selection From 40 Love Poems 5/3/2012
17. Spastic At The Beach 5/3/2012
18. Summer 5/3/2012
19. Totem (I) 5/3/2012
20. Totem (Ii) 5/3/2012
21. Valascere 5/3/2012
22. Wave Function, Bondi 5/3/2012
Best Poem of Luke Davies

Poetry And Flowers

Lark and rose go mad, even with winter
coming on, the garden beneath the verandah blooms,
the park is dense with sun and soccer balls.
By lark I mean generic bird, God knows
the names for all these things with wings. Ditto
the rose: the garden drooling colour and bloom.
Lavender I recognise, and jasmine climbing
the concrete wall, and a real rose in the corner,

red as blood. I meant to say: birds and flowers
go ballistic, even with winter coming on.
Carrying on their own life. The earth drowns
in the blooming. Even when there is no wind there is
the ...

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Poetry And Blood

The leaves are budding on the trees. The buds
are popping everywhere. Spring as in spring in the step
makes sense. In Paris there is the dead of winter
as in you think of death as in great boats
of the dead ploughing through oceans of sky.
And then one week, bang, there is spring
and it feels like summer. You can almost hear
that popping and the blood quickens in the turtles

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