Luke J. Holt

Veteran Poet - 1,696 Points (1-14-91 / fullerton CA)

Luke J. Holt Poems

41. Blusterlord 2/16/2015
42. The Kingdom Of Is 6/23/2015
43. Briefly Recalling The Year Of The Horse 6/23/2015
44. The Sun A Keyhole 6/23/2015
45. Like Herpes On The Heart Of Errol Flynn 6/23/2015
46. John The Baptist 6/30/2015
47. K 6/30/2015
48. Cant Leave The Night 7/18/2015
49. The Scraped Knee Of A Boy Who Meets World 7/18/2015
50. Blood Orange 7/29/2015
51. Song Of Felix The Unborn 8/1/2015
52. Fall Tumble Yester Wayward 8/7/2015
53. Pebbled Outpost Of The Picky Skipper 8/8/2015
54. Daydreaming Of Days Coming Not Moving And Unchanging 8/8/2015
55. Anti-Catch 8/18/2015
56. It Must Be Nice 9/11/2015
57. Deposit Window (For Autumn And Thirst) 9/12/2015
58. Sooperloon (Look Too Long At Some Wax Past Cast Out Ecliptic) 9/27/2015
59. Ordinary Aviation 10/15/2015
60. Wallpaper Of City/Ceiling Of Sky 10/15/2015
61. An Offering Of Weaponry 10/15/2015
62. Proto-Utero 10/15/2015
63. Boredom Is Mostly... 10/15/2015
64. Odelisk 10/15/2015
65. Like Zeus (Preamble Of The Eschaton 11/4/2015
66. Methuselah (In Danger Of Failing) 12/8/2015
67. Mazinger 12/15/2015
68. Garnet 1/21/2016
69. Anhedonia (From Here To Eternity) 1/22/2016
70. Gauze Gown (Red Guard) 2/4/2016
71. Goose (Time Out Is For Lovers) 2/4/2016
72. Evening Of Sevens (Disaster At The Magpie Festival) 2/7/2016
73. Latrodectus 2/8/2016
74. Heavenhole 3/14/2016
75. The Bright, Small, Hard Gem In The Coals (Forgetting) 3/14/2016
76. Fog 6/29/2013
77. Rhetorique (?) 6/30/2013
78. The Ship Beneath The Skin Of Sea 6/30/2013
79. Malachim (Reprieve For Dry Urns) 6/30/2013
80. Clogged Pipe Dream 1/5/2014
Best Poem of Luke J. Holt

Kind Of Like The Happy Prince

i awaken cast in gild
i have no breakfast
kind of like the Happy Prince

as of whom Oscar, that Pre-Movie starlet spoke
atop the steeple
neighboring broad clocks and bells of singing yellow
pleading the swallow to bring to they who leer and admire him his face of various jewels.

i gave my nose to a thirsty girl
my nose was a glorious ruby
like that of the Happy Prince

i too alike the swallow who fell in love with a reed in a faraway marsh, a reed with many of her kind she would not leave, and deep, deep roots set in pickled waters
safe from the winds...

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i will sit and chill while the doctor prepares her table

she hopes i find it soft

((two coats of medical paper))

i am only a patient
but i think i

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