Luke J. Holt

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Luke J. Holt Poems

81. Maxims 64-71 1/5/2014
82. Clown 1/5/2014
83. Subversive Prayer 1/6/2014
84. Dry Dog 1/20/2014
85. Laudanum 3/15/2014
86. Mercury / Hammer Of Thorazine / Casablanca 3/15/2014
87. Hush-Cube 4/14/2014
88. Star Day 8/8/2014
89. Warm Storm 8/8/2014
90. Pet Soup 8/31/2014
91. Bramblehash 9/2/2014
92. Prayer Of Ruin 9/2/2014
93. Vigil Of The Dry Rain 12/23/2012
94. Spring Beyond The Bed Of Slate 12/23/2012
95. Ruderalis 2/12/2014
96. Mayfly 9/17/2014
97. Metrazol 10/1/2014
98. Little Deaths 10/18/2014
99. Sorry, Pegasus 11/4/2014
100. Red Hiccup (Riverrun.) 6/21/2016
101. Brainchildren (The Tall White Cake Is Full Of Packing Peanuts) 7/9/2016
102. Gracious Metallurgy (It's Just Eggs) 7/9/2016
103. Hate Is Fun 7/9/2016
104. Petting Zoo 7/9/2016
105. Bombing The Planetarium For Revenge 7/9/2016
106. We Are Worms... 7/9/2016
107. Rotary Song [corrected] 7/9/2016
108. Twenty Third Doldrum 2/21/2014
109. Too Smart For Pink? 2/16/2015
110. Pink War 11/4/2014
111. Icarus ((The Sad Winter Of Willow Cheer)) *full Poem* 1/24/2014
112. Tin Lizard 7/9/2013
113. Cellos, Magma And Bony Lions (What Is Left Here) 11/11/2013
114. Comets (Fragment Sequence #2 1/5/14) 1/5/2014
115. Corn Sentinel 2/16/2015
116. Fissure 2/27/2014
117. Ballet Of The Pulsar Nude 6/27/2013
118. Delta 9 (Thc) Revised 6/20/2016
119. Staged Fright 9/2/2014
120. For She Who Pillaged Night With Smiles 12/23/2012

Comments about Luke J. Holt

  • Fern G (2/1/2016 6:13:00 PM)

    What I am proposing is not going to be easy.
    If it were easy it would be common.
    And yet, among the more than six billion,
    there are few who take their life seriously.
    Many believe free will is nil.
    You have your role. But no evidence. No betterment seen.
    It's behavior that matters - the dance of love.
    Calming. Tempestuous. Ignited by it.
    Close the gap. You have your role to close the gap
    Between life and love.
    What stops you from closing the gap?
    Dance the love.

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Best Poem of Luke J. Holt

Kind Of Like The Happy Prince

i awaken cast in gild
i have no breakfast
kind of like the Happy Prince

as of whom Oscar, that Pre-Movie starlet spoke
atop the steeple
neighboring broad clocks and bells of singing yellow
pleading the swallow to bring to they who leer and admire him his face of various jewels.

i gave my nose to a thirsty girl
my nose was a glorious ruby
like that of the Happy Prince

i too alike the swallow who fell in love with a reed in a faraway marsh, a reed with many of her kind she would not leave, and deep, deep roots set in pickled waters
safe from the winds...

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Vigil Of The Dry Rain

The lunar milk is hot as wax
the gulls have ceased to drink
the skeleton is anxious and wants to swim
if i am to prevent your sovereignty
i must swath you in shameful tufts of hide
and make you stink of stag and steer
till the flies shall liken you charming
as i had upon the fleeting waltz of your eyes to arrows
blue massacre

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