Luke Preston

Rookie (18-March-1990 / Kendal)

Biography of Luke Preston

Biography? How can one be so frivolous or yet so conceded to write a personal biography before the most interesting part of their life has not even surcome (which i know is a word meaning reached or arivved to, but have not yet found the correct spelling or pronounciation) to and conclusion. So in short I could only ever publish a Partography; or better yet an abstraction of my life which is yet to unfold in a dramatic and chatoclismic way.

Luke Preston's Works:

I have no published books. There is my rushed poems on which i only jammed those half finished poems on because i was moving to uni. Also I have not been on it in a while and seem to of lost the drive for war poetry even though i hold it dear to my heart. Updates

The Other Trench

Thoughtfully I have never had the displeasure to measure what goes down in the
Whether it be a classical narcissistic whore, or even the fathomable and unavoidable occasional person who thinks of life as in terms of leaving things (this) to merely
Whether life is fortune that I still have never found myself believing in jingoistic politics,
Or testing out trivial and abysmal tricks (on the poor (innocent) and/or unfortunate) -
Though I believe this as such (without f

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