Luke Weinberg

Rookie (May 29th 1996 / New York)

Biography of Luke Weinberg

I grew up as most families, not rich but wealthy enough. I did not talk until I was four, so no one would listen or even understand me for the matter. Because of not talking I wrote what i thought and because of that I actually wrote my first poem when i was four and I called it, Blue Sky. I am a New Yorker and i'm also italian, so I do talk with my hands most of time. I moved to california from new york when I was nine so I have been living in california for about 6 years now. But New York will always be my home and I will always be a New Yorker. Updates

Paper As One

everyday i look at you
everyday your filled with pain
in your life there's over 1,000 individuals
you are not racist, yet your kind is only white
you have lines all over skin
maybe you're stressed, or you are becoming old
the human species calls you paper
we don't know why but we do
to us, you're an inanimate object

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