Luna Moon

Luna Moon Poems

121. Tool 2/16/2009
122. Unexpected Blue 6/28/2009
123. Velvet Sky 2/20/2010
124. Vermillion 2/20/2010
125. Walls 3/14/2010
126. Wandering Thought 12/19/2009
127. What Would I Do? 12/19/2009
128. Where Is The Light? 2/14/2009
129. Whirlpool Of Chaos 7/30/2009
130. Whithering Wings (T's Poem) 5/17/2009
131. Why Must I Wait? 2/16/2009
132. Wounds And Kisses 9/13/2009
133. Yourself 2/16/2009
Best Poem of Luna Moon


Oh all the kinds of cupcakes,
Filled with sugar and sweet.
They're all sorts of flavors,
And my favorite treat.
Strawberry and vanilla,
Chocolate and peanut-butter.
They're all so delicious,
I have to have another.
But I must resist,
For if I don't there will be trouble.
But try as hard as I might,
They're all so yummy and loveable! ! !

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Where Is The Light?

Man of the Night,
Oh Man of the Night
Please show me mercy
For there is no light.
I cannot see,
The world has dissapeared
My heart has frozen up with fear.
Where is your wife?
Pale Goddess of the Moon.

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