Luo Zhihai

Gold Star - 130,844 Points [Luo Zhihai] (In 1954 December / Haifeng / Shanwei / Guangdong / China)

Luo Zhihai Poems

1121. Warm Each Other By The Singles Men 11/28/2015
1122. Lovers In The Chinese Valentine's Day And Roses Gorgeous 11/28/2015
1123. Romance Fate Meets Together From One Thousands Miles 11/28/2015
1124. Nothing To Do Must Drink More Tea And Less Worry About. In Wind And Rain, Family Love In Both Beds Full Overflows 11/28/2015
1125. In Plum Hill First Snow Dancing 11/28/2015
1126. Willow Color New 11/29/2015
1127. Beautiful Grass Green Connecting The Sky Today 11/29/2015
1128. Herding Clouds 11/29/2015
1129. Trendy Couplets Are Not Behind The Time 11/29/2015
1130. Trendy Couplets 11/29/2015
1131. Near Shore, Listened To A Boat At The Stormy Night 11/29/2015
1132. Blooming Flowers, Full Moon(Two Pairs Of Couplets) 11/29/2015
1133. Meaningful Time(Two Pairs Of Couplets) 11/29/2015
1134. Infatuated With August-Spring In Flower Country 11/29/2015
1135. Li Bai’s Soul(Two Pairs Of Couplets) 11/29/2015
1136. Billows Of The Milky Way Can Not Be Passed 11/29/2015
1137. Billows Of The Milky Way(Two Pairs Of Couplets) 11/29/2015
1138. Playing A Lute 11/29/2015
1139. Honest, Sincere And Tender Willow Breeze 11/30/2015
1140. A Dream Without A Mark At Spring Night 11/30/2015
1141. Thatched Cottage Near Willow, Plum And Bamboo 11/30/2015
1142. Hundred Tastes Of Life And People Taste Hardships, All The Kinds 11/30/2015
1143. One Hundred Miles Journey In The Rainy Day By Car 11/30/2015
1144. Mottled Bamboo Shadows Are More Sensational 11/30/2015
1145. In A Family Are Misty Rain And Rosy Clouds 11/30/2015
1146. Incomplete Clouds And Cold Moon Accompany Cool Breeze 11/30/2015
1147. Indulging Rhymes To Joy Self Happy 11/30/2015
1148. Aren’t Too Sad When We Say Goodbye 11/30/2015
1149. The East Wind Favors And Warms Human's Hearts 11/30/2015
1150. In The Steep Mountain, Cuckoos Sounds And Spring Light Tender 11/30/2015
1151. Watch Rolling Storm And Thunder Display Their Prowess 11/30/2015
1152. After Suffering Comes Happiness, Look Forward To The Future Life 11/30/2015
1153. Loving A Fragrant Jade-Like Maid Is A Pet Phrase 11/30/2015
1154. Lute Sounded On The Willow Bank And Butterflies Infatuated Flowers 11/30/2015
1155. On The Willow Bank, Cuckoos Sing March Spring 11/30/2015
1156. Old Man Arrived The Spring Garden To Connive At The Spring Heart 11/30/2015
1157. Fished The Moon Near The Chasm Over The Ripples 11/30/2015
1158. Home And Border Are In The Same Moonlight 11/30/2015
1159. In The Man Sea, Daydream Downs And Ups 11/30/2015
1160. What Time Knock At The Door After Passing Through Many Places 11/30/2015
Best Poem of Luo Zhihai

Her Eyes

★ Her Eyes

☆ Poetry by Edwin Arlington Robinson

Up from the street and the crowds that went,
Morning and midnight, to and fro,
Still was the room where his days he spent,
And the stars were bleak, and the nights were slow.

Year after year, with his dream shut fast,
He suffered and strove till his eyes were dim,
For the love that his brushes had earned at last, -
And the whole world rang with the praise of him.

But he cloaked his triumph, and searched, instead,
Till his cheeks were sere and his hairs were gray.
'There are women ...

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Happy Rain

Happy Rain
(Two Pairs of Couplets?Seven Words of Quatrain)

Fog grows up in the middle of the river, rain beats the flowers
Moon sinks in the island-river, wind blows green
Leaves green in the lotus pond greet happy rain
Flowers red in wilderness laugh at the spring breeze

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