Luo Zhihai

Gold Star - 130,772 Points [Luo Zhihai] (In 1954 December / Haifeng / Shanwei / Guangdong / China)

Luo Zhihai Poems

1481. Heart Admires(Two Pairs Of Couplets) 2/8/2016
1482. Jade Steps Lightly Move 2/8/2016
1483. Cold Moon Without Dust, Heart Admires 2/8/2016
1484. Body Graceful, Bright Eyes Flashing 2/8/2016
1485. Talk About Pretty Sceneries(Two Pairs Of Couplets) 2/10/2016
1486. Writing Couplets On The Xuan Paper, Rhymes Fragrant 2/10/2016
1487. Weak And Tender Hands Make Costumes Lightly 2/10/2016
1488. A Wide Field 2/10/2016
1489. Poor Family Unluckily Encountered Cold Wind's Blowing 2/10/2016
1490. Pearls In The Sea 2/10/2016
1491. Snow In Tianshan Mountains Is Not Met 2/10/2016
1492. Solitary Lamp(Two Pairs Of Couplets) 2/10/2016
1493. A Line Of Wild Geese Just Like Autumn's Mouth 2/10/2016
1494. Contain Spring Scenery(Two Pairs Of Couplets) 2/11/2016
1495. Inviting Moon To Toast, Drunk Without Bound 2/11/2016
1496. The Girl Next Door 2/11/2016
1497. Seclusion To Realize Wish, Every One Praises 2/11/2016
1498. Looking Ahead 2/11/2016
1499. Pick The Stars 2/11/2016
1500. Corner Remains Fade Memories 2/11/2016
1501. Dense Clouds And Fog 2/11/2016
1502. Dense Clouds And Fog, Dream Empty 2/11/2016
1503. Butterflies Around Bamboo Fence, Flowers Charming 2/11/2016
1504. Butterflies Dance(Two Pairs Of Couplets) 2/11/2016
1505. Glittering Jade And Stone, Flashing Love 2/12/2016
1506. Full Moon And Good Flowers, People For A Long Time 2/12/2016
1507. World Fresh 2/12/2016
1508. Dawn Breeze And Incomplete Moon, Morning Bell And Evening Drum, Setting Sun Red 2/12/2016
1509. Time And Space Change, Soul Goes Through Era 2/12/2016
1510. Belly In Guilt(Two Pairs Of Couplets) 2/12/2016
1511. No Way To Express, Belly In Guilt 2/12/2016
1512. Top Of The Brush Flows Rhymes(Two Pairs Of Couplets) 2/12/2016
1513. Tender Love, Sugary Feeling, Warm People's Heart 2/12/2016
1514. Zhu Yingtai 2/12/2016
1515. High Aspirations Reaching Clouds, Full Of Feelings 2/12/2016
1516. Eating With Beauties 2/12/2016
1517. Sweeping Dust, Bright Eyes 2/12/2016
1518. Smokey Rain 2/12/2016
1519. Dreamt Quiet Smoke-Rain Comfort The Whole Life 2/12/2016
1520. A Landscape(Two Pairs Of Couplets) 2/13/2016
Best Poem of Luo Zhihai

Her Eyes

★ Her Eyes

☆ Poetry by Edwin Arlington Robinson

Up from the street and the crowds that went,
Morning and midnight, to and fro,
Still was the room where his days he spent,
And the stars were bleak, and the nights were slow.

Year after year, with his dream shut fast,
He suffered and strove till his eyes were dim,
For the love that his brushes had earned at last, -
And the whole world rang with the praise of him.

But he cloaked his triumph, and searched, instead,
Till his cheeks were sere and his hairs were gray.
'There are women ...

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A Burdock—clawed My Gown

★ A Burdock—clawed my Gown

☆by Emily Dickinson

A Burdock—clawed my Gown—
Not Burdock's—blame—
But mine—
Who went too near
The Burdock's Den—

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