Lupe boroa

Rookie (apr.13,1974 / Somewhere in California)

Biography of Lupe boroa

I'm a self-taught, lover of poetry. I read it with my cornflakes and a good poem will move me to pathos as i make the pages of my book wrinkly with fallen tears..just kidding. I went to school, and then i didn't. Then I regretted it, then i didn't, but now i guess I mostly I do. So I read, read, read, as I try to compensate for the wiley years of a misspent youth.

Lupe boroa's Works:

Nada. But if I do I'll certainly blush. Updates

City Blues

Slowly a sinister smile creeps into the face of the stirring waters,
as the moon reflects off the cascades of the water's deep,
a narcissistic city licks his chapped lips and hollers,
vanity shrouds his simplistic mind.
And a golden turd is born
down in the hollow of a city's bowels.

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