Lushan Massri

Rookie (June 21,1990 / Hamrah Dawm, Egypt)

Biography of Lushan Massri

Lushan Massri poet

I was born on June 21 of 1990 as I am sure you know... fairly well. My full name is Lushan Rosette Marie Massri. I am both a poet and a writer. I write boths poems and stories. My first poem written is called 'Your Star'. It is was based off of my crush back in middle school. It was also based off of finding the right person to trust, like, finding THE one, you know? This poem is my favorite because it really expresses how I feel. My feelings for findng the right people to help me and guide me through life. It's hard and you really need to find the right star. :) Well, I think that's it I guess.

My newest poem 'A sisters pain' is based off my little sister Lasarah Massri who died of a heart problem. My other poem 'My Angel' is also based off of her...

Lushan Massri's Works:

I have none yet, but I hope to have a published book soon. :) Updates

Trickery Of The Mind~

I see you, I reach out, you disappear.
I must be crazy.
I must be hallucinating.
I dream of you. The memory of you makes it worse.

Why Live?
Why breathe?
When all I do is grieve?

Why did you leave me, only to save me?

You're a dream. A painful memory. A nightmare...

A Trickery Of The Mind.

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