Luvo Mjayezi

Rookie - 90 Points (1986 / Butherworth)

Biography of Luvo Mjayezi

I'm Luvo, I currently live in Port Elizabeth. I have moved around a lot in the Estern cape and lived for six months in Cape town when my parents were seperated. I love brilliant ideas and make an effort to find them in every nuence of the aspects of my life. I'm studying for a BA in Literature and History. I have also studied philosophy and communication which have been an equally essential part of my degree as I was previously studying Media communication and culture. Updates

A Crazy Thought, I Know

There are things between us that were never said
Things we may never get to say to each other
All our thoughts, feelings, gestures and unspoken words are now a part of the universe to dismantle and resolve
Our pains rest in our memories buried deep in our hearts and marked in on our souls
The strange thing is that I can see beyond all of that now
You are smiling and I am filled with warmth from the love in your eyes
Can you picture that? ”
You and I on speaking terms again?
Can you imag

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