Lydia Shivley

Rookie (10/2/1994 / Missouri)

Biography of Lydia Shivley

I stayed in my place of birth for nine years. On my nineth birthday I was up rooted from my home, and friends, and everyone else I knew to move to Texas due to a Drug problem my father had. Of course it wasn't just a smooth road trip the family took together, Mother had left dad and took us to a shelter. I had 2 younger siblings. A sister and a brother who has autisum and M.R. The shelter did not like having my little brother around so they moved us to a cabbin far out in almost the middle of no where. We had the worst winter we could remember in the cabbin. But soon Grandma and Grandpa called us from Texas saying we could live with them. So the road trip took play. Once we stayed in with the grandparents we were moved to an apartment, School was never the same for me. Dad finally came down to live with us. Soon we had a house. But the drug problem hadn't left us yet. Finding a stash of his drugs and playboy magazines in MY room.

Now dad has been clean for 4 years and counting. We lived in Texas for 8 years and counting. I now have a 3rd sibling, sister. Only have one friend, that might not last. And was pulled from public school to be homeschooled. Updates

In The Back Of My Mind

All alone, no one by my side
No, I wont cry.
That's the way I like it
It is because of me that no one is here
It is because of me the water runs red
I have made the streets empty
I have made the grave yard the whole world
I am the only one who walks on the bloody side walk
Just me, all alone, no one by my side

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