LyLy Dye

Rookie (3/24/93-present / MPLS, MN)

Biography of LyLy Dye

Well, when i was younger I would write short stories about practically anything. Now that I am a little bit older I have redirected myself to writing songs and poems.

LyLy Dye's Works:

None. YET. Updates

A Letter From Heaven

as i recieve a letter from heaven in the mail
my eyes lit up like i was in a fairy tail,
it said that it was from 'unknown'
i knew who it was from even though it was not shown.

in cursive writing it said, ' you'll be alright,
I've come home, I'm by God, dressed in all white'
she told me of her crown with real diamonds
she said i could see from anywhere. thats how much it was shinin'

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