Lynette Myers

Rookie [Eskabeter] (Rhodesia (Zimbabwe))

Biography of Lynette Myers

I was born in Rhodesia in a town called Bulawayo. My Grandparents had come over from England to help Colonize Rhodesia. My Grandfather on my Mother's side fought in both world wars. My Granfather on my Father's side was in the British South Africa Police and then became a farmer in Rhodesia. I moved from my place of birth to Livingstone, Victoria Falls and spent my teenage years there. I immigrated to South Africa and was there for 29 years. I immigrated to England in 2008. I have four children and 11 Grandchildren. I've had an interesting life to say the least! My heart as a result, has become one of wanting emotional and mental healing for women mainly but not exclusively. My poems are mostly personal, but some are reaching out to others or about others. I've never submitted any poems to anyone, so this is a first for me.

Lynette Myers's Works:

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