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1. What The Grandmother Told The Housing Police 3/2/2012
2. The World According To Patricia Smith 3/2/2012
3. Final Arrangements 3/2/2012
4. The Grandfather Dreams 3/2/2012
5. Is This Enough? 3/4/2012
6. The Bedroom Floor Warned Me 3/4/2012
7. The Combined Weight Of Daily Realities 3/4/2012
8. Our Last Time 3/2/2012
9. The Inconvenient Woman 3/2/2012
10. Party For The Autumn Equinox 3/2/2012
11. Squid Fishermen Off The Coast Of Japan 3/2/2012
12. Love Doesn'T Come With Roadmaps 3/2/2012
13. Story: No Matter How Old You Get 3/4/2012
14. Story: Maisie's Story, Part 1 3/5/2012
15. In The Garden: Fixing The Blame 3/5/2012
16. Priced To Move Quickly 3/5/2012
17. Story: Ring-A-Ring-A-Rosies 3/5/2012
18. Oak Trees Have A Hidden Agenda 3/5/2012
19. In The Garden: Smooth Skin 3/5/2012
20. In The Garden: Original Sin 3/5/2012
21. Mlk Day,1990, Boston 3/5/2012
22. Union Square 3/7/2012
23. Just A Little 3/7/2012
24. Witnessing Ii 3/7/2012
25. Hallucinations 3/7/2012
26. In A State Of Grace 3/7/2012
27. Bigger Fish To Fry 3/8/2012
28. It Won'T Ever Hurt Again 3/8/2012
29. Evolution 3/8/2012
30. My Garden 3/8/2012
31. Feathers 3/2/2012
32. My Uncle's Hands 3/2/2012
33. First You Realize 3/2/2012
34. The Entrance To My Garden 3/9/2012
35. Witnessing I 3/7/2012
36. In The Garden: The Birth Of Advertising 3/5/2012
37. In The Garden: The Witness 3/5/2012
38. 80 Million African Women Are Circumcised 3/2/2012
39. I Waited For My Granddad 3/4/2012

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I Waited For My Granddad

I waited for my granddad to walk home from the bus stop.
It was very dark out, but I had my Girl Scout jackknife in my pocket.
He worked in a machine shop somewhere in South Boston.
His hands were so calloused from checking for stray burrs,
he had no feeling in his fingertips.
And he took my hand and told me how to oil my knife and keep it sharp.

My granddad waited for me to walk out in the garden after doing supper dishes.
The whippoorwills had started and it was getting cool out.
He showed me marigolds planted to keep the bugs away and extra lettuce, for the ...

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In this old photo I'm all arms and legs,
rolling eyes and girlish giggles.
My grandfather's arm
is around my back.
His hands were so calloused
from working in the machine shop
there was no feeling left in his fingertips.

Still, he would stroke my back, much more softly

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