Lynn Emanuel

Biography of Lynn Emanuel

Lynn Collins Emanuel (born March 14, 1949) is an American poet. Some of her poetry collections include Then, Suddenly— and Noose and Hook (University of Pittsburgh Press).

She has received two grants from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Eric Matthieu King Award from the Academy of American Poets. She also won the 1992 National Poetry Series Open Competition for The Dig, and has been awarded a Pushcart Prize. Her poems have been published in literary magazines and journals including Parnassus, The American Poetry Review, Poetry, Boston Review, Harvard Review, The Hudson Review, Slate and Ploughshares, and in anthologies including The Best American Poetry anthologies in 1994, 1995, 1998, 1999, and 2000, and the Oxford Book of American Poetry (Oxford University Press, 2006).

Emanuel is Director of the Writing Program, and Director of the Pittsburgh Contemporary Writers Series, and a professor of English at the University of Pittsburgh. She has also taught at the Warren Wilson Program in Creative Writing, and the Iowa Writers’ Workshop. She is married to the anthropologist, Jeffrey H. Schwartz, and they reside in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Updates

Homage To Sharon Stone

It's early morning. This is the "before,"
the world hanging around in its wrapper,
blowzy, frumpy, doing nothing: my
neighbors, hitching themselves to the roles
of the unhappily married, trundle their three
mastiffs down the street. I am writing this
book of poems. My name is Lynn Emanuel.
I am wearing a bathrobe and curlers; from
my lips, a Marlboro drips ash on the text.

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