Lynn Grassette

Rookie (Vermont)

Lynn Grassette Poems

1. Twenty Years From This Day 1/26/2007
2. Looking Through Your Eyes 1/30/2007
3. I Miss You 1/31/2007
4. As If 1/31/2007
5. He Did Something Right 1/31/2007
6. The End Of Everything 3/5/2007
7. Our Lives In Theater 3/12/2007
8. From Today, Through Every Tomorrow 3/18/2007
9. The Notebook 4/22/2007
10. 6000 Lonely Miles 6/9/2007
11. Combined 9/4/2007
12. I Love You, Like I Make Love To You. 6/6/2008
13. Your Walls 6/7/2008
14. You Are The Ocean 8/27/2008
15. On Display 9/24/2008
16. If I Could Have Stayed 12/1/2008
17. The Hotel Room 12/7/2008
18. The Tryst 6/18/2009
19. Regret Drips Down My Leg 2/2/2010
20. We Are Sand 2/10/2007
21. The Sun Sets On Us 2/11/2007
22. Hostage 3/2/2007
23. You Don'T Even 4/22/2007
24. Your Love Destroys 2/5/2007
Best Poem of Lynn Grassette

Your Love Destroys

How many nights do I have to hope?
Silently, quietly, and all alone
How much hurt will penetrate this dark?
(Seeping through skin, desecrating my heart)

Babe I keep my chin up just like you said
But it's these fabrications that leave me misled
Babe I try to vanquish these demons,
But it's so hollow here without any reason

Empty words cradle me with no meaning
Silence stands watch while all the worlds screaming
This room is a prison, this love is a chain
Your ghost mocks me and bloody wounds remain

With the sun I’ll rise, regain my strength ...

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I Miss You

i miss you
though it's only been seven hours,
if only to feel that substance again;
that intoxicates me,
and fills me up,
till i spill over my edges
and find myself naked,
in your arms

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