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I love writting Poems<3 I Write alot in my spare time. I think poetry can show how someone feels about another person, Or just how that person feels in jeneral.i'v been writeing since i was like....14, I'm 18 now and still kickin lol. alot of my poems were based on my ex that i was with for 3 yrs but things didn't work out. anyways no issue everythings back in place.

I am currently writeing a story called 'to tame a cowboy' its interesting so yeah thats it. Updates

The Day, You Made Me.

The day my eyes started to wander was the day you walked by.
You took me heart the day I fell in love with you.
When you made me feel was the day I truly felt.
The day you made me weak was the day I kissed you.
You took my heart the day you broke it.

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