Lynn samantha

Rookie (january22,1989)

Biography of Lynn samantha

I love writting Poems<3 I Write alot in my spare time. I think poetry can show how someone feels about another person, Or just how that person feels in jeneral.i'v been writeing since i was like....14, I'm 18 now and still kickin lol. alot of my poems were based on my ex that i was with for 3 yrs but things didn't work out. anyways no issue everythings back in place.

I am currently writeing a story called 'to tame a cowboy' its interesting so yeah thats it. Updates


The deal is a saying he always used to say.
The deal was the game he always loved to play.
The deal was something he wasn’t really good at.
The deal was the way I got him back.
The deal is a way he fixed all the girls.
The deal is the way for a girlfriend to hurl.
The deal is something that’s gone away now.
The deal is no more no where to be found

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