Lynn samantha

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Lynn samantha Poems

1. When Your Their 10/21/2005
2. Need You To Need Me Why Leave Me 10/13/2005
3. Whatever You Say 10/14/2005
4. Deal 10/17/2005
5. A Man In Sorrow 10/13/2005
6. Within The Gods 10/13/2005
7. Art 10/13/2005
8. Kiss 10/13/2005
9. The Big Five 10/13/2005
10. All I Ever Wanted 11/2/2005
11. No More Snowballs 11/22/2005
12. Jumble Of Words 2/10/2006
13. The New Beginning 2/10/2006
14. The Thing Is Im Not Over You 2/11/2006
15. 'The Quotes On' I'M Not Over You. 2/12/2006
16. The Tops An Lows- 5/1/2007
17. Touched... By The Devil 5/10/2007
18. The Bleech Smell Of Roses 5/14/2007
19. Compleatly Crazy 5/16/2007
20. My Man 8/16/2009
21. Strangled 10/13/2005
22. The Worlds Reunion 4/13/2007
23. Summers Day Begins 4/25/2007
24. Breathless Love And Ending Hate 5/2/2007
25. Broken Down 8/19/2011
26. Let Us Live 4/28/2006
27. Whats In A Mans Head? Why Cant They Care? 4/28/2006
28. Give Me What I Want And Ill Give You What You Please 4/28/2006
29. You Cant Buy My Love 2/21/2006
30. Treasure 3/24/2006
31. Rushed 4/5/2006
32. I'M Always With You 12/7/2006
33. Cancer Fight 2/15/2006
34. The Day, You Made Me. 10/18/2005
35. The Worlds Left Spinning 10/13/2005
36. Its Up To Me To Be Up To You 10/31/2005
37. If Only He Knew 10/13/2005
38. Romance Never Dies 11/14/2005

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  • Dave Rendal (4/18/2007 6:25:00 AM)

    hey writer chick, seems like u got a decent collection of poems. some of them were nice. keep it up.

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Best Poem of Lynn samantha

Romance Never Dies

a boy and girl walking home from school one day.
girl-so what are we doing tonight
boy-i dont know want to watch a movie
girl-sure what are we going to watch?
boy-not sure yet ill think of something
girl-lets watch a romance.
boy-nooo thats boyfriend girlfriend junk.
gurl-(sighs) but umm well...
boy- what? whats rong.
girl-i was just hoping.
boy-what? (confused)
walks to front door
boy-umm oook well ill see you later.
girl- yeah' right cya (frowns) as she walks away
girl goes over boys house and rings ...

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The Big Five

S. is for short, too short to see.
A. is for active happy and free. for money the green she doesn’t have. for many tears she had
Y. is for young and not very wise

Sammy’s my name and this is my rhyme

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