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Lynn samantha Poems

1. When Your Their 10/21/2005
2. Whatever You Say 10/14/2005
3. Deal 10/17/2005
4. A Man In Sorrow 10/13/2005
5. Within The Gods 10/13/2005
6. Art 10/13/2005
7. Kiss 10/13/2005
8. Jumble Of Words 2/10/2006
9. The New Beginning 2/10/2006
10. The Thing Is Im Not Over You 2/11/2006
11. 'The Quotes On' I'M Not Over You. 2/12/2006
12. All I Ever Wanted 11/2/2005
13. You Cant Buy My Love 2/21/2006
14. Treasure 3/24/2006
15. Let Us Live 4/28/2006
16. Whats In A Mans Head? Why Cant They Care? 4/28/2006
17. The Tops An Lows- 5/1/2007
18. Touched... By The Devil 5/10/2007
19. The Bleech Smell Of Roses 5/14/2007
20. Compleatly Crazy 5/16/2007
21. My Man 8/16/2009
22. The Worlds Reunion 4/13/2007
23. Summers Day Begins 4/25/2007
24. Breathless Love And Ending Hate 5/2/2007
25. Broken Down 8/19/2011
26. I'M Always With You 12/7/2006
27. Rushed 4/5/2006
28. The Worlds Left Spinning 10/13/2005
29. Its Up To Me To Be Up To You 10/31/2005
30. Need You To Need Me Why Leave Me 10/13/2005
31. The Big Five 10/13/2005
32. No More Snowballs 11/22/2005
33. Strangled 10/13/2005
34. Give Me What I Want And Ill Give You What You Please 4/28/2006
35. If Only He Knew 10/13/2005
36. The Day, You Made Me. 10/18/2005
37. Cancer Fight 2/15/2006
38. Romance Never Dies 11/14/2005

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  • Dave Rendal (4/18/2007 6:25:00 AM)

    hey writer chick, seems like u got a decent collection of poems. some of them were nice. keep it up.

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Best Poem of Lynn samantha

Romance Never Dies

a boy and girl walking home from school one day.
girl-so what are we doing tonight
boy-i dont know want to watch a movie
girl-sure what are we going to watch?
boy-not sure yet ill think of something
girl-lets watch a romance.
boy-nooo thats boyfriend girlfriend junk.
gurl-(sighs) but umm well...
boy- what? whats rong.
girl-i was just hoping.
boy-what? (confused)
walks to front door
boy-umm oook well ill see you later.
girl- yeah' right cya (frowns) as she walks away
girl goes over boys house and rings ...

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The deal is a saying he always used to say.
The deal was the game he always loved to play.
The deal was something he wasn’t really good at.
The deal was the way I got him back.
The deal is a way he fixed all the girls.
The deal is the way for a girlfriend to hurl.
The deal is something that’s gone away now.
The deal is no more no where to be found

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