Lynn W. Petty

Gold Star - 5,016 Points (3/29/28 / Newport Beach, California)

Lynn W. Petty Poems

1. I Think Well Of Her 12/20/2015
2. Verses Of The Sikh Gurus 12/20/2015
3. How Deep Our Memories Lie 12/21/2015
4. The Creation Of A Single Composition 12/22/2015
5. Pleading Of A Dead Poet 12/23/2015
6. Her Name Is Poetry 12/24/2015
7. Her Hands 1/5/2016
8. Valor 1/8/2016
9. From A Painting Of A Spanish Gypsy Girl 1/3/2016
10. What Is A Poet? 1/9/2016
11. The Grand Scheme Of Things 1/10/2016
12. Embraced By Conscious Force 1/14/2016
13. A-2-Leonidas King Of Sparta 1/16/2016
14. Rows Of Dodder Gray 1/17/2016
15. Ballad Of Bodie 1/17/2016
16. The Shadows Of Thought 1/20/2016
17. Sara's Garden 1/20/2016
18. To The Patriarch Of Our Family, James J. Reina, My Father-In-Law 1/20/2016
19. On Being A Grandfather 1/23/2016
20. Time Is A Feline 1/24/2016
21. To Learn, To Know, To Heal, To Grow 1/22/2016
22. Speechless Sorrow 1/27/2016
23. Before It Becomes Too Late 1/27/2016
24. I Walked The Walk 1/27/2016
25. Lunch With A Poet 1/28/2016
26. A Furor Of Friendly Fire 1/28/2016
27. This Noble Child 1/29/2016
28. Unknown 1/29/2016
29. Beneath A 2000 Year Old Mississippi Oak Tree 1/29/2016
30. Two Gifts Has Man 1/29/2016
31. Wake Within Your Dreams 1/29/2016
32. The Question Of Someone In Blue 1/29/2016
33. Aa-1-Forward 1/30/2016
34. A-3-Arellius Fuscus 1/30/2016
35. A-4-Porcius Latre 1/31/2016
36. A-5-Marillu 1/31/2016
37. A-6-Pompeius Silo 1/31/2016
38. A-7-Cornelius Hispanus 1/31/2016
39. A-8-Quintus Of Tagea 1/31/2016
40. A-9-Blandis 1/31/2016
Best Poem of Lynn W. Petty

A Question Of My Own Mortality

Time seemed interminable.
A curious and inexplicable apprehension came over me,
As I sat in an elderly care home waiting to visit a friend.
The atmosphere was heavy with quiet confusion.
People wandered about searching and shifting in a
Sort of stolid acquiescence. Their lives recalled as flashes in memory, projecting film images on their thick, gray screen of dementia.
Across from me sat an elderly gentleman whose gaze was a glassy
Expression of inattention. I could see the declinations of his skull
Beneath his facial features. A victim of the grievous ...

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When all supply was in the hands of Cause,
Effect was molten primal chaos, held
Within a universal cauldron, rest
Was given to consider what the blend
Would yield. What distillation might there come
When left to steep upon the flame of time?

What essence to be poured or spooned, when time
Had separated dross and grime; when Cause

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