Lynocide the lovely

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Biography of Lynocide the lovely

I'm 18.
I'm different, I have been told I am a very loving person, and that I have a warm heart. I love my school, my friends, my family, my life.

I love to write random things. I love to sing and dance, but I know for sure I'll never be as good at any thing as my friends are, accept maybe loving.
i have an open heart, and accept every one for who they are. Updates


the heart wants, something to hold,
some one to love,
a reason to beat,
another drum, that its own sound can synch too.
a hunt,
the game is afoot,
i will find that passion, where ever it hides.
you are what i want,
and until, thine eyes lock with mine.
dance with me, tell me im beautiful,
be that which i desire.

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